Figueroa for All


Figueroa For All is a coalition of like-minded people dedicated to creating a safer, more equitable and accessible North Figueroa Street for the Los Angeles communities of Cypress Park, Highland Park and Eagle Rock. The primary goal of Figueroa For All is to help create a vibrant North Figueroa Street that better serves the needs of residents and businesses alike. The immediate goal of Figueroa For All is to advocate for the installation of bike lanes on North Figueroa Street between San Fernando Road and Colorado Blvd as approved in the 2010 City of Los Angeles Bike Plan.


Ongoing outreach and culture building are my current focus for this group. The coalitions are growing stronger and the number of advocates is visibly increasing. However, resistance from local groups of automobile enthusiasts has prevented the construction of any actual bike infrastructure. The cultural stigma of a bicycle remains negative in the eyes of many and the beneficial health, safety, and economic aspects are not widely comprehended. Ongoing education and outreach should result in a change of perception of people who ride bicycles.